Rock Your Computer with DJ Mouse

Want to hold a Rock & Rock party at home? No doubt, this DJ mouse should be a functional gadget for our famous DJ in the future.

Rock Your Computer with DJ Mouse

Just as we see, this is an unique computer mouse whatever in shape or in function. As the name implies, DJ mouse is designed for DJ lovers. It’s made with aluminum, soft rubber, and other serious materials in order to give you a professional experience of DJ equipment. And the DJ mouse comes with a built-in jog dial with scratch function, stop and hold function lets you experience somewhat the feel of vinyl. The LED light around the jog can also help you locate position to improve the scratch performance. Apart from that, the mouse ships with an exclusive mouse pad and DJ software Deckadance for MAC and PC.

The DJ mouse is priced at $74.5 USD. To tell the truth, we aren’t DJ lovers, so we don’t know very clearly those professional functions. The DJ mouse’s functions have been listed below. If you’re interested, check the list or jump to 100milligrams.

By the way, if you want to play music as DJ on iPad, you might like to check the iDJ music mixing station for iPad.

Rock Your Computer with DJ Mouse Rock Your Computer with DJ Mouse

    • Left Click Functions
      • Drag and Drop songs from the play list
      • Play 4 different CUE points
      • Access to the Effects
      • Play Samples
      • Play Loops
      • Play the 3 Reloopers
      • Activate Effect
      • Preview song
      • SYNC and downbeat
    • Vertical wheel:
      • Rewind and fast forward effect
      • All faders and knobs control
      • Scroll Playlist
    • Right click:
      • Memorize 4 CUE points
      • Toggle Loops
      • Toggle 3 Reloopers
    • Reset Effect
      • Lock the SYNC : get a perfect and permanent beat match
    • Jog wheel:
      • Control faders and knobs
      • Control Crossfader
      • Scratch or rewind Effect
    • Scratch Knob:
      • Activate the digital Scratch mode with any position of the DJM
      • Lock the control of the X,Y parameters for the effects
      • Lock control of Fader/knobs without clicking

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