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Like using your iPhone or iPad mini to play Gameboy games? Then you may need a better control experience for those classic video games. Agree? Let’s go on checking G-pad silicone rubber game controller.

G-Pad Silicone Rubber Game Controller for iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Touch

The deep-sea creature has turned into a protective case for iPhone 5/5s. Want to hire him to guard your iPhone? Let’s go on checking the Flapjack Octopus iPhone 5s case.

Flapjack Octopus iPhone 5s Case

Using a headphone jack plug you can protect the 3.5mm audio jack on your smartphone, but if you need to add more functions, the Pluggy Lock should be a nice solution.

Pluggy Lock More Than a Headphone Jack Plug

It’s undeniable that robotic vacuums bring much convenience to us. But sometimes you still need to sweep the floor by yourself. If you also think so, the SwitchVac robotic vacuum with detachable handle may be more suitable.

SwitchVac Robotic Vacuum with Detachable Handle

Speck has released its latest protective case line for Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want a more comfortable grip, their CandyShell Grip Galaxy S5 case may be more suitable for you.

Speck CandyShell Grip Galaxy S5 Case

We have introduced several multi functional desk organizers. But if you prefer minimal design, the following Lifta wooden desk organizer may be more suitable for you.

Lifta Minimal Wooden Desk Organizer

The robot wants to help you store your digital files. Would you like to leave the task to him? Let’s go on checking the robot watch USB flash drive.

Robot Watch USB Flash Drive

We have introduced a few practical Bluetooth audio receivers, but if you need a versatile option, the Gramofon wireless router and cloud jukebox should be able to draw your more attention.

Gramofon Wireless Router and Cloud Jukebox