How to more securely navigate websites, make a payment on the Internet, or activate your own VPN account when you use a computer that doesn’t belong to you? Take a look at USB Armory, the open source mini computer may be suitable for you.

USB Armory Open Source Mini Computer

OtterBox has covered iPad mini 3 with their popular Defender productive case series. If you like the rugged and sleek design, let’s go on checking the new iPad mini 3 case.

OtterBox Defender Series iPad Mini 3 Case

Don’t hit it as a golf ball, unless you want to break up the spherical wireless charger. Curious? Let’s go on checking Ora, a unique wall charger for smartphones.

Ora A Spherical Wireless Charger for Smartphones

Sprout Smart Plant Monitor

December 20, 2014 | In: Smart Devices

We roughly know when the pot plants need water or sunshine, but if you want to more scientifically take care of your lovely plants, the Sprout smart plant monitor may be a nice idea.

Sprout Smart Plant Monitor

Oppo Food Ball Dog Feeder

December 20, 2014 | In: Cool Gadgets

“Slow down, you eat too fast”, but apparently not every dog know what you mean, so you may like to deploy an Oppo’s Food Ball dog feeder for your lovely pet.

Oppo Food Ball Dog Feeder

Protect teen drivers, track trips, vehicle diagnostics, manage fuel costs. If these features can catch your eyes, let’s go on checking miaLinkup app-enabled smart car tracker.

miaLinkup App-Enabled Smart Car Tracker

Pad&Quill’s Bella Fino has covered Apple’s latest iPhone 6/6 Plus. Need a premium and fashionable way to protect your new iPhone? The leather iPhone 6 case should be up to the task.

Pad&Quill Bella Fino iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases

The adorable Finn and Jake the Dog have prepared to start a new adventure in your showcase. Do you agree? Let’s go on checking the handmade Adventure Time amigurumi dolls.

The Adorable Adventure Time Amigurumi Dolls