Turn a Pickup Truck into Truck Camper

We have featured hoe to build a teardrop camping trailer from scratch, but if you happen to have a pickup truck, you may like to turn it into a truck camper. Like the idea? Let’s continue reading.

Turn a Pickup Truck into Truck Camper

Rvanwort, a member of instructables came up with the great idea inspired by the roofs added on the top of some VW camper vans and it has become reality with his existing 2012 Ford F-150 extended cab pickup truck. The maker added a universal roof rack that can carry a load of 800 lbs to the top of his truck so that the back half of the truck can be open to stand up and the front half maintains the long and wide enough for two adults to sleep in, and as we can see from the images, the read area of the truck has been sealed, but two newly added Windows and teardrop trailer door keep the mobile living space ventilative and easy access. When not in the use, the top roof can be folded flat, which decreases aerodynamic drag during driving.

Turn a Pickup Truck into Truck Camper Turn a Pickup Truck into Truck Camper

The maker has planed to add more functions into the truck camper including lighting, solar panel on the roof, simple sink and drain, tailgate shelf and more. More importantly, the project has been detailedly listed on his instructables page with needed materials and tools, and new ideas and steps will also be published by the kindness maker. If you also want to turn your truck into a truck camper, jump to Rvanwort’s page for detailed steps.

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