Make You Own Privacy Monitor with an Old LCD Display

The privacy monitor looks all white to everyone except you. You just need a 3D glasses. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking how to make your own privacy monitor with an old LCD display.

Make You Own Privacy Monitor with LCD Display

Dimovi, an electrical engineer offered a simple way to turn an old LCD display into a privacy monitor. All we need to do is just take apart an existing display, cut the polarized film and remove its frosted anti-glare film from the screen. After cleaning the adhesive on your screen and assemble everything back the way it was, you will get a pretty cool privacy display. You need to use a pair of 3D glasses from movie theater or sunglasses to watch the content which appears on the screen. Furthermore, you can even utilize the method to modify your laptop screen, so you will never worry about leaking privacy when you work in public. Want to make it by yourself? Jump to instructables for detailed making steps. BTW, also don’t miss the homemade smart mirror and more related cool stuff by following tags.

Make You Own Privacy Monitor with LCD Display

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