Make Your Own Motion Sensing Smart Mirror by Yourself

Reportedly Microsoft has developed a smart mirror that can read your emotions, but it’s unavailable, so we might as well make our own motion sensing smart mirror by ourselves.

Make a Motion Sensing Smart Mirror by Yourself

HiVisVest72, an instructables member created the high-tech integrated smart mirror. Unlike a mediocre mirror, the homemade smart mirror is powered by a Google Nexus 7 running Android 5.0 OS. The talent uses a mirrored film and a piece of glass to build the custom mirror with a thickened wooden frame, and there is a Nexus 7 Android tablet beneath the mirror. Using installed apps, the tablet shows you weather forecast, calendar, and current time. Moreover, using installed motion detector app, the smart mirror can detect the motion. When you send in front of the mirror, it will automatically turns on and display time, calendar and forecast in the right corner. Cool? The crafter has unveiled the detailed steps. If you also build the smart mirror, jump to instructables for more details.

Make a Motion Sensing Smart Mirror by Yourself

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