Make a Star Wars Death Star Pendant Lamp by Yourself

We have featured a Death Star LED desk lamp, but you may like to make the Star Wars Death Star pendant lamp if you have a preference for making something by yourself.

DIY Star Wars Death Star Pendant Lamp

MariaK64, a Germany crafting lover created the awesome Death Star pendant lamp. As we can see from the images, the lamp looks like a Death Star that’s floating in the center of the room, and the miniature Death Star sports exquisite detailing and accurate colors from the most powerful space station in the universe of Star Wars.

DIY Star Wars Death Star Pendant Lamp

More importantly, by pulling down its string, the illuminated Death Star delivers a pretty cool visual effect just like it’s destroyed by something.

The crafter used an IKEA PS 2014 lamp to create the mini Death Star. In addition to the lamp, other tools and materials also include masking tape, an x-acto knife, a cutting matt with a ruler, and a can of light gray spray paint. Of course, also don’t forget some painting skills. The maker has unveiled all making steps. If you want to make the Death Star pendant lamp, head to instructables for more details.

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