Lomi Food Waste Bin Turns Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost

Lomi food waste bin not only holds your food waste, but also turns it into nutrient-rich compost. Let’s keep checking if you like the idea.Lomi Food Waste Bin Turns Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost

The Lomi is an innovative and practical food waste container that measures 16 x 13 x 12 inches. As shown in the images, the container in white delivers a minimal and sleek appearance design to fit in any kitchen setup, and the compact form factor allows you to easily place it anywhere in the kitchen.

With a roomy stainless steel bucket, the food waste bin can hold up to 3L of waste, and as a home composter, the Lomi simulates and speeds up the biodegradation in the wild, turning the organic waste into nutrient-rich compost.Lomi Food Waste Bin Turns Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost

Furthermore, the container works with vegetables, fruit, animal products, foods, yard waste and bio plastics. And it delivers 3 modes: express mode, eco mode and bioplastic mode. The eco mode speeds over 20 hours on turning your waste into compost, and it takes over 4 hours to help you reduce the volume of the waste by up to 80% in express mode.

In addition, using replaceable charcoal filters, the food waste bin eliminates any odors produced in the composting process. The stainless steel bucket can be removed for easy to clean.

The crowdfunding campaign for Lomi is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $379 to preorder the food waste bin. It will be shipped in December 2021.

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