FOVE Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset

With eye tracking technology, the FOVE virtual reality headset can read your eye movement and bring you precise control for video games. Cool? Let’s keep going for the VR headset.

FOVE Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset

The FOVE is an advanced virtual reality headset that weights 400g. As shown in the images, the VR headset sports a simple and elegant body, and unlike other VR headsets, the FOVE features two small form-factor infrared eye tracking systems with <0.2-degree tracking accuracy plus ultra low latency head tracking in order that you can use your eyes to accurately interact with the virtual world such as aiming your targets in games, practicing your eye contact for interviews and dating, creating virtual world simulations of surgery or driving, and more. In addition, its wild field of view and high resolution display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution let you immerse in the virtual world.

FOVE Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset

The FOVE has already raised close to $350,000 USD. You can pledge $375 to preorder the eye tracking virtual reality headset. If you like it, head to Kickstarter for more detailed introduction.

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