PooPail 2-In-1 Dog Poop Cleaner and Container

PooPail dog poop cleaner gives you an easy way to clean and store your pet waste. Let’s keep checking if you’re looking for a suitable solution to remove dog waste on your backyard.PooPail 2-In-1 Dog Poop Cleaner and Container

The PooPail is an easy-to-use dog poop cleaner that contains two units: a scooper and a pail. It’s available in two versions: regular and tall. The regular version has a 11 x 9-1/2 x 16 inch pail measuring and a 25-inch scooper. The pail in tall version features a pail with a longer handle plus a 15-1/2 inch scooper so that you can more easily remove dog waste on the ground.PooPail 2-In-1 Dog Poop Cleaner and Container

With the custom scooper, you can easily remove the pet waste from flat or grassy surfaces to the pail. Meanwhile, the 4-gallon container can store dog’s waste for up to a week, and with a lid, the pail is waterproof and smell-proof. Moreover, the PooPail comes with large compostable and biodegradable bags so that you can easily empty the container.PooPail 2-In-1 Dog Poop Cleaner and Container

The crowdfunding campaign for PooPail is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $39 or $44 to preorder the dog poop cleaner.

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