G-Presso Gyro-Press Coffee Maker

Using a spinning filter-basket, the G-Presso Gyro-press coffee maker brings you cold or hot coffee in 4 minutes. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

G-Presso Gyro-Press Coffee Maker

The G-Presso is an innovative and easy-to-use coffee brewer that measures 110mm diameter by 205mm tall and weighs 704g. As we can see from the images, the compact cylindrical body shows off a minimal and sleek appearance design, and detachable design and optional carrying case make it portable to carry anywhere.

The coffee maker features a gyro pressurized liquid extraction system that uses centrifugal force to make deep-smooth coffee with rich crema. By Controlling the water flow and pressure, the method allows it to unleash the flavor of your coffee just using cold water in 4 minutes.

G-Presso Gyro-Press Coffee Maker

Moreover, an exclusive silicone pad ensures quiet extraction by blocking minute vibrations and noise generation. The coffee maker is powered by 3 AA batteries which offer 100 times of sleeping.

The team behind G-Presso is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge to $79 to preorder the Gyro-press coffee maker with a carrying case and an additional basket. It will be shipped in August 2019.

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