MUIN Refrigerator Door Lock with 2 Keys

MUIN refrigerator door lock is designed to keep curious toddlers out of your fridge or securely hold sensitive items in the refrigerator. Need the function? Let’s keep checking.

MUIN Refrigerator Door Lock with 2 Keys

The MUIN is a well-designed and easy-to-use fridge lock that works with various fridges and freezers. As shown in the images, the lock consists of three main parts including two metal plates and a connector made with heavy-duty steel aircraft cables with transparent vinyl coating. Each round plate measures 3.2 x 3.2 inches and the solid white exterior allows it compliant to any fridge style.

MUIN Refrigerator Door Lock with 2 Keys

Using integrated 3M’s VHB double-sided tapes, you can easily attach either of round plates on your fridge’s door and body without needing drilling or screws. The integrated lock and the steel aircraft cables protect the content of your chiller from any unauthorized access. Moreover, you can also use it as a wine cellar lock, cabinet lock and more.

The MUIN refrigerator door lock with 2 keys is priced at $19.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to the product page for its more details.

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