Fork-shaped cable organizer

That’s right, it’s a fork, but not for your spaghetti. If there are many tangled cables on your desktop, the fork-shaped cable organizer will give you a perfect solution.

Fork-shaped cable organizer

In fact, it is a fork-shaped cable organizer, which is designed by Lufdesign. From the images, the cable manager comes with two composable parts, including the Fork and a resembling suction cup base called Cream Sauce. If necessary, you just need to fix the base and wind the USB cable around the fork inserted on the base. After a while, the cable organizer will make your desktop more neat.

However, it’s a pity that the fork-shaped cable organizer is just a design prototype. We have no idea when the cable organizer can be available on the market. Of course, you also can check this another one called Cordie.

Fork-shaped cable organizer Fork-shaped cable organizer
Fork-shaped cable organizer

Fork-shaped cable organizer Source

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