InfiniteUSB gives you unlimited USB ports

InfiniteUSB design concept unlimited USB hubs

The USB hub with 24 ports is the ultimate USB hub which we’ve introduced at Gadgetsin. Although we guess you might not even use all of that, yet the InfiniteUSB concept is a perfect solution for those madmen of USB devices.

This concept called InfiniteUSB is designed by an experienced Chinese designer, Gonglue Jiang. It’s a wonderful USB cable concept with Usb jack. Theoretically, InfiniteUSB can supply unlimited USB ports for us, but the preview isn’t very clear, we just can imagine that one or more USB jacks are integrated at the end of the socket for various USB devices. And moreover when too many USB devices connected to your computer through the InfiniteUSB sockets, you also can plug another infiniteUSB socket with AC adapter as an external power.

How do you think about the design concept? If you’re interested or you want to turn the concept into reality, you can jump to Gonglue Jiang’s website for more details.

InfiniteUSB design concept unlimited USB hubs

InfiniteUSB gives you unlimited USB hubs Source

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