BuWizz App-Controlled Module for LEGO Models

Want to use your smartphone to remotely control your LEGO models? Take a look at BuWizz, the app-controlled module is dedicatedly designed for your LEGO creations.

BuWizz App-Controlled Module for LEGO Creations

The BuWizz is an innovative and high-performance app-enabled remote control system that measures only 8 bricks long by 4 bricks wide by 3 bricks high, so the engine is compact enough to fit in various LEGO models. The bottom and top surfaces have studs for connecting BuWizz to studded designs, and the 4 pin holes in the corners enable it to be integrated in studless models.

BuWizz App-Controlled Module for LEGO Creations

The engine module has the ability to replace the LEGO battery box and two LEGO IR receivers, and it delivers two times more power and speed to each motor, so your heavy LEGO model built with over 5000 LEGO bricks will scream and roar, and when all four outputs are used, the module delivers 8x more power to the motors than any solution using LEGO battery box.

BuWizz App-Controlled Module for LEGO Creations

Furthermore, BuWizz features built-in Bluetooth technology which allows it to wirelessly communicate with your smartphone, so you can use its custom app to remotely control your LEGO model. Meanwhile, the module can be easily charged via built-in microUSB port, and you even can attach a small power bank to your LEGO model for more battery life.

The crowdfunding campaign for BuWizz is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $119 to preorder the app-enabled module for LEGO. It will be shipped in November this year. Additionally, also don’t miss the sensor integrated building blocks for LEGO and more cool stuff by following tags.


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