My Old Desktop LEGO Set Boasts a Retro Macintosh or PC

It’s not easy to get a retro Macintosh nowadays, but you love LEGO, My Old Desktop LEGO set will let you own a shrunken Macintosh or PC. Ready to reserve a corner in your showcase for the LEGO models? Let’s keep checking.

My Old Desktop LEGO Set Boasts Retro Macintosh or PC

Appearance design

My Old Desktop is a well-designed, custom LEGO set that comes in two editions including Byte and DOS. As we can see from her images, the Byte edition shows off a tiny Macintosh computer that features minimal design, but iconic colors and contours make it easy to identify by a glance, and included Macintosh keyboard and mouse with minimal design deliver a perfect fit for the minimalistic style.

The Dos edition features an old-school desktop computer with horizontal case and minimal keyboard. Moreover, both editions features a disk case with an openable cover that holds several floppy disks.

More features

The Byte edition contains 374 LEGO bricks and the Dos edition has 392 LEGO pieces. In addition to a retro computer, My Old Desktop LEGO set also delivers a well-designed computer desk that holds your mini PC or Macintosh, and the desktop also shows off some other items for rich detailing including books, rotary telephone, desk lamp, cassette tapes, padlock, calculator, coffee mug and more.

My Old Desktop LEGO Set Boasts Retro Macintosh or PC

Furthermore, the draws of the table are openable to hold some accessories, and a detailedly built chair is designed for your minifigures. The chair swivels and armrests can be removed as desired.

Price and availability

The My Old Desktop LEGO set is priced at $99.50 USD. If you’re interested, jump to PowerPig’s Builds (Dos Edition) for its more details.

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