Month: September 2012


HEX Axis Wallet iPhone 5 Case

You have pre-ordered the upcoming iPhone 5? Also don’t forget to prepare a nice protective case for the precious iDevice such as HEX’s Axis wallet iPhone 5 case.

Star Trek Cookie Cutter Set

We have introduced several cool Star Wars themed cookie sets, but if you prefer Star Trek, the following Star Trek cookie cutter set may be able to draw your …

Borderlands 2 Launch Game Trailer

Borderlands 2, the highly anticipated first person shooting game has been available. You’ve got extra content via pre-ordering and been ready to fight with your friends. If you still …

The Denim iPhone 5 Case

The Joy Factory also released its latest protective case series for iPhone 5. If you like this kind of jeans-styled design, let’s go on checking the Denim iPhone 5 …