Borderlands 2 Launch Game Trailer

Borderlands 2, the highly anticipated first person shooting game has been available. You’ve got extra content via pre-ordering and been ready to fight with your friends. If you still wait for downloading, let’s go on checking the following Borderlands 2 launch game trailer.

Borderlands 2 Launch Game Trailer

The latest sequel of Borderlands will bring you onto the lawless planet Pandora, while you, the infamous hunter must follow the guide of Guardian Angel from Borderlands to rescue four original vault hunters and kill Handsome Jack, the ruler of Pandora. the video game comes with 4 personalized characters including gunzerker Salvador, siren Maya, assassin Zer0, and commando Axton, moreover, other new features also include dynastic mission system, all-new environments, customizable weapon system, dynamic co-op online and via LAN, and etc. After the break, check out the following Borderlands 2 launch trailer.

Additionally, if you’re interested in the cartoon-rendering video game, jump to Borderlands 2 official site for more details.

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