Month: August 2011

Where’s Wall-E Poster

It’s a party for all the famous robots from those classic movies, television and more. Of course, Wall-E also joined. Could you find out where’s Wall-E?


Razer Blade True Gaming Laptop

Razer unveiled its concept Switchblade: a PC handheld game console earlier this year. Now the impressive Switchblade UI has been used in Razer’s Blade: the world’s first truing gaming …

X10 Airpad Android Tablet

It’s not so easy to strike a balance between price and performance, but the just-released X10 Airpad Android tablet gives us a nice solution. If you’re considering a 7-inch …

Logitech iPad Joystick

Logitech recently released several new gadgets for iPad 2 and original iPad. If you like playing games on your iPad 2, Logitech iPad joystick should be a good idea.

Handmade Steve Jobs Figure

Finally Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO. Maybe it’s a good thing for Steve Jobs, because he will have more time for repairing his health. For fans of Apple, …