Month: August 2011

Axion Utile 2 iPad 2 Case

What kind of features are for you to consider when selecting an iPad 2 case, all-around protection, integrated stand, or both of them? If you select the latter, let’s …

Angry Birds Wall Decal

The war between Angry Birds and Green Pig is still spreading, while the latest battlefield is the wall in your room. Let’s go on checking the Angry Birds wall …

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo recently released its latest Android tablet: ThinkPad Tablet. If you’re considering purchasing a tablet running Google Android, let’s go on checking.

R2-D2 Helmet by Jenn Hall

We have featured many Star Wars R2-D2 themed gadgets, but if you want to make your own R2-D2 inspired creations, let’s go on checking the R2-D2 helmet.

Hello Kitty MP3 Player

Want to prepare a suitable gift for your girlfriend? If she like the famous cartoon cat, the Hello Kitty MP3 player should be able to surprise her.