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Want to hire a housekeeper to help you manage your home? Take a look at JIBO, the smart robot may be a nice solution.

JIBO The World's First Smart Robot for Family

We have featured a few nice app powered RC cars, but if you want smarter device, the following Romo remote control robot may be able to draw your more attention.

Romo Remote Control Robot Controlled by iOS Devices

As a faithful Android fan, you must have collected many cute Android mini figures. But if you want a practical one, the following Android like USB hub may be able to catch your eyes.


Don’t expect the robot can help you complete any complex work. But if you want to put your USB gadgets together and connect with your computer, the robot shaped 4-port USB hub will help you.

Robot Shaped 4-Port USB Hub

As we know, robots can help us do many things, of course, also including making tea. Don’t believe? Let’s go in checking the robot styled tea infuser.

Robot Styled Tea Infuser

Many of us like all kinds of amazing robots, but as Romotive said, we haven’t owned a real robot until now. If you also want to own a robot, let’s go on checking Romotive’s Romo.

Romo Smartphone Powered Robot for iPhone and Android Phone

We have featured a remote-control Wall-E computer case, but apparently DJ Sures’ Wall-E robot is much clever than that case mod. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot

As we know, Bad Robot Productions produced many popular films and TV series like Star Trek, Lost, the upcoming Super 8, and etc. If you’re a faithful follower of the red robot, you might like to check the limited edition Bad Robot collectible figure.

Limited Edition Bad Robot Collectible Figure