Olly Home Personal Robot

Olly home personal robot uses unique brain-inspired AI system to learn and understand your characteristics and moods, so it’s able to interact with you more naturally. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

Olly Home Personal Robot

The Olly is an advanced, intelligent personal robot designed to bring you much convenience in your daily life. As we can see from the images, the intelligent robot shows off a sleek and compact design that allows to fit on any flat surface in your room. The Olly consists of a donut-shaped head and a disc-shaped base. The head can rotate 360 degrees on the base in order to always focus on its master. Using built-in circular LED display the home personal robot not only delivers a charming visual effect, but also expresses itself.

The home personal robot comes equipped with two smart wide-angle cameras that always detect facial expressions and body movements, which allows it to make smart, proactive recommendations. The personal assistant robot speaks English in either a British or American accent and has a male or female voice. Furthermore, its built-in smart speakers play the music which you like and automatically adjust the audio based on your mood, scene and environment you’re in.

Olly Home Personal Robot

Using four far-field microphones the robot always accurately receives your voice commands across the room. More importantly, each Olly is unique based on its user. Its advanced AI engine allows it to develop different personalities that complement to different user for a custom fit, for instance, it always reminds you of those important events and date, and it also offers social media updates, real-time traffic and weather suggestions. Moreover, it records your exercise routines and helps you achieve your daily targets.

The team behind Olly has achieved the crowdfund goal via Indiegogo. Pledging $449 will let you own the home personal robot. It will be expected to be shipped in March 2018.

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