Vinli Turns Your Car into a Connected Smart Car

Using Vinli, you can effortlessly turn your existing car into a connected smart car that allows you to access to the Internet and enjoy much convenience brought by numerous custom apps. Cool? Let’s go on.

Vinli Turns Your Car into a Connected Smart Car

Vinli is an innovative and versatile connected car device that measures 65 x 44 x 24mm. Vinli connects with your car via OBD II port in order to turn your car into a mobile WiFi hotspot, and 4G LTE support ensures you can use your mobile devices to access to the Internet with average speeds of 30MB up/down. Furthermore, Vinli also features a custom app store for cars that offers lots of apps that offers a smart-car experience such as enhancing your car’s performance, calculating drive distances and values, improving your driving skills, tracking driving routes, speeds, setting up location alerts, preventing your car from thieves, connecting your home to your car, and more.

Vinli Turns Your Car into a Connected Smart Car

The Vinli has been available for preorder. Pledging $99 will let you own the connected car device. If you’re interested, jump to Indiegogo for its more details.

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