ZEEQ Smart Pillow Helps You Fall Asleep, Analyzes Your Sleep and Intelligently Wakes You Up

ZEEQ smart pillow helps you fall asleep with built-in Bluetooth speakers, and integrated sensors not only tracks and analyzes your sleep, but also intelligently wake you up at the right time in the morning. Cool? Let’s continue checking.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Helps You Fall Asleep, Tracks Your Sleep and Wakes You Up at Right Time

The ZEEQ is an advanced, versatile and comfortable smart pillow that measures 21 X 27 inches. As we can see from the images, the ZEEQ looks like a regular standard pillow. In its removable and washable Tencel pillowcase, there are a breathable fabric pillow shell, a comfort foam outer shell and comfort filling in order to softly hold your head during sleep, and the pillowcase is made of wood based fiber that naturally inhibits bacteria. Moreover, its built-in flexible electrical components won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

The smart pillow comes equipped with 8 precision placed speakers, and using built-in Bluetooth technology, it wirelessly connects with your smartphone, so the ZEEQ streams your favorite music or Sleep Soundscapes in its custom app, which helps you fall asleep effortlessly, and its unique snore alarm is able to hear snoring with a built-in microphone with decibel sensitivity, and by gently vibrating, the smart pillow encourages you to change positions without waking you up.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Helps You Fall Asleep, Tracks Your Sleep and Wakes You Up at Right Time

Using integrated 3-axis gyroscope, the smart pillow has the ability to detect your motion during sleep and send your sleep data to its companion app, so you can view your sleep data on your smartphone. Its smart wake feature wakes you up at the ideal moment every morning based on your sleep cycle, and soft vibrations will never affect your partner.

In addition, ZEEQ smart pillow is powered by a 5000mAh rechargeable battery lasting approx one week of usage between charges, and it comes with an integrated remote that provides handy control. Apart from these, optional activity tracker tracks your daily activity, being a perfect compliment to your ZEEQ pillow.

The crowdfunding campaign for ZEEQ is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $149 will let you own the smart pillow. It will be shipped in December this year.

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