The Monopoly Lets You Pass Through the World of Back to the Future Trilogy on the Table

Now we have another way to review those classic scenes and characters in Back tho the Future except original trilogy and video games. Have you been ready to pass through the world of the sci-fi film series? Let’s go on for the Back to the Future monopoly.

Back to the Future Monopoly

This is an officially licensed and pretty fun monopoly board game themed by Back to the Future film series. As we can see from the images, the monopoly features a pretty cool rectangular game board that shows us those symbolic building, places and events from Back to the Future film trilogy such as Cafe 80s, Doc’s Lab, the McFly house, the local theater and more, and the center of the game board delivers us the iconic DeLorean time machine.

Moreover, the Monoploy comes with 6 Back to the Future themed tokens including the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard and the iconic Hill Valley clock. And all event cards and paper money have been redesigned based on the film series in order to bring you those familiar scenes from now to 1985 to 1955 to 1885.

Back to the Future Monopoly

The Back to the Future monopoly is priced at $45.59 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Firebox for its more details. BTW, also don’t miss the Fallout Monopoly and more related cool stuff by following tags.


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