Monopoly Fallout Collector’s Edition Lets You Enjoy Estate Completion in the Wasteland

We can’t acquire any iconic building or vault in Fallout video game series, but if you want, you may like to check Monoploy Fallout Collector’s Edition that lets you enjoy estate competition in the wasteland.

Monopoly Fallout Collector's Edition

This is an officially licensed and pretty fun monoploy board game themes by Fallout video series game. As we can see from the images, the monopoly features an impressive post-apocalyptic game board that shows off those valuable and symbolic locations from all four Fallout games like Vault 110, the Washington Monument, Megaton, and etc. Moreover, you can fortify your properties with Vault-Tec approved shacks and vaults (houses and hotels).

Monopoly Fallout Collector's Edition

Of course, you must use custom Fallout money to purchase all the Wasteland properties. And those Vault Dweller’s survival guide and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. cards will bring you unexpected perks or loss. Furthermore, as a Fallout Collector’s Edition, the board game also features 6 collectible, wasteland-inspired, distressed finish tokens including 10mm pistol, mini nuke, Nuka-Cola bottle, Power Armor helmet, Vault Boy and Vault 111.

Monopoly Fallout Collector's Edition

Monopoly Fallout Collector’s Edition is priced at $40 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Bethesda Amazon store for its more details. Additionally, also don’t miss the Fallout drink coaster set and more cool stuff by following tags.

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