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Speck FitFolio Kindle Fire Case

Following BookWrap protective case, Speck released a new Kindle Fire case: FitFolio. If you’re looking for a protective case for your new Kindle Fire Android tablet, let’s go on …


Speck BookWrap Kindle Fire Case

Speck recently released its first protective case for Amazon Kindle Fire: BookWrap Kindle Fire case. If you’re looking for a protection for the tablet, let’s go on checking.

Speak MagFolio Luxe iPad 2 Case

Polycarbonate, silicone or leather, which one is your favorite material used by protective case? If you prefer the latter, Speck’s MagFolio Luxe iPad 2 case may be able to …

Speck FitFolio Kindle 3 Case

Speck recently announced new protective case line for popular ebook readers like Kindle, Nook, Kobo and etc. And the latest FitFolio Kindle 3 case has been available. If you’re …