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Glide Metal iPhone 4S Case

Customizable feature and metal construction, no doubt, Glide iPhone 4S case has caught our eyes. If you also like metal protective case, let’s go on checking.


Candies Boombox iPhone 4S Case

We have several Boombox styled portable speakers designed for iPhone, but if you want to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into a retro Boombox, the Candies’s Boombox …

Candy Note iPad 2 Case

Apparently not every one mainly uses iPad 2 as an entertainment gadget, so if you use your iPad 2 to work or study most of the time, the Candy …

Handmade Leather iPhone 4S Case

Following the release of iPhone 4S, many new protective cases have been available, but if you prefer handmade products, the handmade leather iPhone 4S case may be more suitable …