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Booq Folio iPad 2 Leather Case

Booq recently released its latest protective case for iPad 2. If you prefer leather construction instead hard polycarbonate, let’s go on checking Booq Folio iPad 2 leather case.


Case-Mate Tuxedo Kindle Fire Case

Following the release of Kindle Fire, Case-Mate has launched its latest protective case line for the Android tablet. If you’re looking for a protective case for the new tablet, …

Avant-garde Series iPhone 4S Case

SwitchEasy recently released a new protective case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S: Avant-garde Series. If you like this kind of beautiful sculptural design, let’s go on checking the …

Tunewear TUNEFOLIO iPhone 4S Case

You’re looking for a practical protective case to hold your iPhone 4S, credit cards and make your device stand for watching videos? Apparently the three functions have been packed …