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LEGO Angry Birds

We can impress our love for Angry Birds in many ways like cake, costumes, stickers, of course also including LEGO bricks. Let’s go on checking.


LEGO Wii Remote

Hey, every LEGO fan owning Nintendo Wii, now is the time for you. A customizable LEGO Wii remote has been released by POWER A. Want to build an unique …

15-Inch LEGO Google Android

Apparently not everyone can get a limited edition collection of Google Android mini figures. But if you have LEGO bricks, making a Google Android should not be a tough …

LEGO Pokemon Monsters

Many people, especially girls and kids like those cute Pokemon monsters. Apparently if you’re a fan of Pok√®mon and LEGO bricks, you will love the following LEGO Pokemon models.