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Pacman Wind-Up Toys

The pursuing between Pacman and Ghosts has been moved from 8-bit virtual world to your desk. Who do you think is the final winner, Pacman or Blinky? Let’s go …


Pacman Money Bank

We have featured various Pacman themed gadgets, while the latest founding is the cute Pacman money bank. Want the big mouth to save your coins? Let’s go on checking.

Space Intruder Multi-Tool Keychain

We’re not sure whether the Space Intruder multi-tool keychain is the same gadget with the former Space Invaders styled keychain, but apparently the images of Space Intruder can attract …

BlackMilk Pacman Swimsuit

Following R2-D2 and C-3PO swim suits, designer James Lillis released his latest Pacman themed swimsuit. Want to give your geek friends a surprise on the beach? Let’s go on …