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Pacman Bottle Opener

It seems Pacman not only like eating those yellow beans and blue ghosts, but also loves beer. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Pacman bottle opener.


Space Invaders Carabiner

No doubt, carabiner is a kind of multi functional gadget. But if you want to use it to enjoy your favorite retro video games, the Space Invaders carabiner should …

Pacman Pint Glass Set

We have many ways to show our love to the legendary arcade game Pacman, while the latest finding is the Pacman pint glass set. If you also like cute …

Space Invaders Styled Couch

Do you remember those awesome Space Invaders styled chairs? Now we have found an available Space Invaders styled couch. If you like those cute aliens, let’s go on checking.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Unlike other Space Invaders, the cute alien has two missions, one is invasion of your home, another is to wake you up. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking …