Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat Makes Every Office Worker Feel Comfortable

Stratum thermostat desk mat is designed to make every office worker feel comfortable through applying heating or cooling directly to the forearms. Cool? Let’s continue checking.

Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat

Tony Elkington, a British industrial designer came up with the thermostat desk mat named Stratum. Unlike the computer desk mat that can cover a large area on the desk, the Stratum features a more compact and portable design. It only fits below the keyboard to deliver soft comfort when you work with your computer.

Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat

More importantly, advanced temperature control has been integrated into the mat. Using built-in polymeric PTC heat pad layer and fans in either end, it’s able to automatically regulate to maintain your desired temperature, and three user-programmable presets allow you to easily switch between your ideal heating, cooling and neutral settings. When not in use, you can simply roll it up and move it aside for easy to store and carry. After the break, check out the following images about the concept.

Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat Stratum Thermostat Desk Mat

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