Rollogo Escape S Smart Carry-On Luggage with Power-Generating Wheels

With power-generating wheels, Rollogo Escape S smart carry-on luggage perfectly matches your mobile lifestyle during any travel. Need more features? Let’s continue checking.Rollogo Escape S Smart Carry-On Luggage with Power-Generating Wheels

The Escape S is an advanced, multi-functional smart luggage that measures 56 x 36 x 23cm and weighs 4.5kg. The carry-on luggage features hydrophobic modified cross-section nanofiber fabric exterior that not only deliver a durable construction, but also shows off a minimal and elegant style.

The carry-on luggage comes equipped with patented power-generating wheels that can charges a built-in detachable 8000mAh portable power bank. Using two USB ports with 3.4A total output, the power bank charges two mobile devices at the same time. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your smartphone to check the status of the battery as well as the location of your Escape S.Rollogo Escape S Smart Carry-On Luggage with Power-Generating Wheels

Furthermore, the Bluetooth-enabled feature also prevents it from any theft. Once someone moves your Escape S without your authorization, you will receive phone notification from your luggage.

The 35L luggage is designed to pack up to 5 days of clothing, and its unique internal frame maintains structure and integrity without sacrificing space or comfort. A special top compartment lets you quickly access to your travel essentials like passport, wallet and more. The flat top gives you an ideal working surface to hold your laptop, tablet or even your lunch during your layover.

Moreover, a magnetic front pocket lets you easily reach your books, magazines and files without unlocking the main compartment. The 3-digit combination TSA compliant lock securely keeps your belongings sealed in place for worry-free travel.Rollogo Escape S Smart Carry-On Luggage with Power-Generating Wheels

In addition, the luggage also features dual handle system for easy to carry. Using several optional add-ons including laptop compartment, toiletry bag, garment softcase, and foldable suitcase cover, you can also customize it based on different purposes.

The crowdfunding campaign for Escape S is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $449 to preorder the smart carry-on luggage. It will be shipped in April next year.

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