PowerUp 4.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane

Using two high speed motors and newly added sensors, PowerUp 4.0 app controlled paper airplane brings more fun to your flight. Cool? Let’s keep checking.PowerUp 4.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane

Compared with PowerUp 3.0 with only one propeller, the latest module comes equipped with two high-speed vectoring motors that give your paper airplane double thrust for a top speed of 20mph. The module weighs only 19g and works with anything as long as it weighs 20g or less.

Furthermore, PowerUp 4.0 comes equipped with 2 new sensors: gyro and accelerometer so that your paper airplane masters impressive tricks and aerobatics with ease, and it also features wind and auto stabilizer that ensure your paper airplane flies more smoothly even in windy conditions.PowerUp 4.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane

The carbon fiber body with nylon reinforced nose and motor mount and soft front bumper protect PowerUp 4.0 from any accidental bumps, and improved landing gear in Pro kit gives your paper plane two rear wheels and one front wheel, which make it more style and easier takeoff and landing. Optional LED lights allow to light up the night with your paper airplane.

Using its companion app, you can easily control it on your smartphone, and the app also shows you flight modes and stats. The flight module supports up to 230ft/ 70 meters of wireless range, and its rechargeable battery offers 10-minute flight time on a 25-minute full charge.

The crowdfunding campaign for PowerUp 4.0 is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $49 to preorder the app controlled paper airplane kit ($79 for Pro kit). Both kits will be shipped in April 2020.

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