Pocket Card LED Light Lamp

When you drew this cardboard with a pattern of light bulb from your wallet, your friends or co-workers would be puzzled at your strange action. But we believe it’s just the beginning.

Pocket Card LED Light Lamp

In fact, this cardboard with a flat light bulb is a real LED light, obviously, it features a ultra slim design and an elegant look. So we call the LED light as Portable Pocket LED Card Light Lamp. This card contains a LED light and a 3V battery. Once you turn the flat light bulb and make it stand, the LED light will be switched on. And if you want to switch off the light, you just need to pull down the LED bulb.

This portable pocket card LED light lamp comes from Hong Kong. Each one costs $3.5 USD. If you want a special light lunch, jump to Etsy. Of course we know you don’t lack candles, but the LED light card will be more interesting.

Pocket Card LED Light Lamp Pocket Card LED Light Lamp

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