Plezmo Wireless Building Blocks Apply Intelligent Features to Your Creations

Using built-in WiFi connectivity and sensors, Plezmo wireless building blocks are capable of applying intelligent features to your creations, and using custom adapters, the building set also works with LEGO.

Plezmo Wireless Building Blocks

The Plezmo is an advanced app-enabled building block set that contains of 11 Plezmo elements and six adapters. As we can see from the images, each Plezmo element sports an ultra compact and lightweight design. It’s smaller than a golf ball. All parts are made with non-toxic materials, and there are no sharp edges on the elements so the set is safe for kids.

The Plezmo elements include button, buzzer, bulb, proximity sensor, display, speaker, light sensor, motion sensor, control motor, gesture sensor, and color sensor.

Plezmo Wireless Building Blocks

Using 6 custom adapters including double sided tape adapter, clip adapter, wrist band, two different LEGO adapters, and charging adapter, you can easily attach the Plezmo elements to your LEGO models, cardboard models, skateboards, robots and more.

Furthermore, using built-in Bluetooth technology, the Plezmo elements wirelessly connect with your tablet in order that you can use its Android or iOS app to program your creations for awesome intelligent projects such as a buzzer-beater basketball game with proximity sensor, self-driven car, intruder alarm, and more.

Meanwhile, the Plezmo app features an easy-to-use drag and drop Visual Programming interface that’s good to code for kids and all kinds of creators. In addition, each Plezmo element comes with built-in rechargeable battery that offers 4 hours of continuous usage.

The crowdfunding campaign for Plezmo is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $135/$225/$245 to own one of the wireless building block sets. If reaching its funding goal, all sets will be shipped in September 2017.

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