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BrickBoy Building Brick Figure Compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks and More

We know you have been ready to build your own mini figure with your favorite LEGO bricks or other building blocks. Then let’s go on for the BrickBoy building brick figure.

BrickBoy Building Brick Figure Works with LEGO, Mega Bloks, KRE-O and K'NEX bricks


The Chibi LEGO Star Wars Starfighters Boast Fine Details and Cute Looks

LEGO has released many Star Wars microfighter LEGO sets, but the following LEGO artist has a preference to build his own chibi LEGO starfighters that boasts a charming combination of fun details and cute looks.

Chibi LEGO Star Wars Starfighters - Millennium Falcon


The DOS Edition Old-School Desktop Computer Built with LEGO Bricks

Those old-school desktop computers with DOS has been out of date, but it’s worth to display one in your study. There is not enough space for the old machine? You may like to check the DOS edition computer built with LEGO bricks.

DOS Edition Old-School Desktop Computer LEGO Set


The Handmade LEGO Table with Storage Bin Unleashes Your Children’s Creativity

With a wide LEGO baseplate, the handmade LEGO taxable allows your children to build greater models, and unleashing their creativity in a better way. Like the feature? Let’s keep going.

Handmade LEGO Table with Storage Bin


The Awesome Life-Size Teardrop Camping Trailer Built with LEGO Bricks

You can build your own teardrop camping trailer with wood, aluminum sheet and various tools, but if you’re a faithful fan of LEGO, you may more like to check the awesome LEGO teardrop camping trailer and build one with your own LEGO bricks.

Life-Size LEGO Teardrop Camping Trailer


The Back to the Future Minimal LEGO DeLorean Can be Loaded in the Doc Brown’s Van

Compared with official LEGO 21103 DeLorean LEGO set, I have a preference for the minimal LEGO DeLorean because it can be loaded in the Doc Brown’s 1984 GMC Value Van. Of course, the minimal van is also built with LEGO bricks.

The Back to the Future Minimal LEGO DeLorean and Doc Brown's Van


The Old-School 1980 Arcade Machines Built With LEGO Bricks

Apparently you can’t use these minimal arcade machines to enjoy those classic arcade games, but no doubt, the old-school 1980 arcade machines built with LEGO bricks will add much nostalgic atmosphere in your showcase.

Old-School LEGO Arcade Machines



The Transformable LEGO Optimus Prime Stands 50cm Tall

It seems the leader of Autobots has gotten a LEGO treatment. Although it’s built with LEGO bricks, the feature of Transformers works normally on the Optimus Prime’s plastic body.

Transformable LEGO Optimus Prime