Book Style iPad 2 Case

Apparently this isn’t the first book style iPad 2 case that we’ve introduced, but if you need multiple options, you may like to check the custom iPad 2 case.

Computer Case Made of LEGO Bricks

Powerful LEGO bricks can do tons of powerful things, also including holding your powerful personal computer. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the incredible computer case mod.

Custom Portal 2 Action Figures

We’ve feathered a couple of Portal 2 models made of LEGO bricks. But if you prefer custom figures, the following custom Portal 2 action figures may be more suitable …

New Apple iMac Released

Apple recently released its upgraded all-in-one desktop computer iMac. Apparently for those who plan to purchase iMac this is a good news. Which parts in iMac have been changed? …