K1 Smart Lock Box Works with Any Door Lock

With no need any complex installation, K1 smart lock box makes any door smart. Want to add some intelligent security to your door? Let’s keep checking.K1 Smart Lock Box Works with Any Door Lock

The K1 is an easy-to-install, universal smart lock box that measures 123 x 73 x 35.3mm and weighs 0.48kg. As shown in the images, the lock box shows off a sleek, minimal appearance design, and it’s made from high-quality aluminum alloy and steel for a solid and durable construction.

Using simple tools, the K1 can be securely installed in minutes. The smart lock box provides a secure storage to hold your door key. Integrated keypad and fingerprint scanner let you access to the key with ease. Furthermore, the smart lock box is friendly for AirBnB hosts, condo and property managers with dynamic password and temporary password. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows the owner to grant access permission to a guest with a set period of validity.K1 Smart Lock Box Works with Any Door Lock

Using its companion app, you can effortlessly manage guest access, fingerprints and password, and access logs show you detailed access information. Moreover, 128-bit AES encryption algorithm protects data transmission between the lock box and smartphones.

In addition, the K1 is powered by 3 AAA batteries that offer over 12 months of usage. The companion app and low-battery indicator on the device always let you know when the battery life gets low.

The crowdfunding campaign for the K1 is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $69 to preorder the smart lock box. It will be shipped in March 2020.

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