Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

Using multiple detachable modules Novus modular smartphone for kids can be used as a smartwatch or AI speaker. Like the idea? Let’s have a look.

Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

The Novus is an innovative and versatile modular smartphone dedicatedly designed for kids. As a modular creation, the Novus features a core and three interchangeable modules. The Novus core measures 46.5 x 39.1 x 15.55mm. Using the phone module, Novus acts an Android phone that features a unique touch wheel so that you can effortlessly access to the apps you need via a slide motion, and it also you to navigate the menu or control the volume of the phone. When you use the wheel, a cool LED will light up for an attractive visual que.

Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

When applied on the TPU watchband, your Novus works as a smartwatch that securely stays on your kid’s wrist. The Novus supports 4G network so that you can stay connected with your kid anytime and anywhere. Using multiple positioning methods including GPS, A-GPS, WiFi, LBS and more, parents always tracks their kid’s location activities at any distance via its companion app.

By pressing the power button three time, the kid can trigger its SOS mode that allows the phone to dial the contact number. Using parental control features, you can also protect your kid from unsafe content and overdoing with screen time.

Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

The home module is not only charging station for Novus, but also serves as a smart hub with Google Assistant so that your kid can ask it to answer various questions, control music playback, turn on or off the nightlight using simple voice commands. Using an integrated 3.5mm audio jack, the home module also works with earphones and speakers.

The team behind Novus is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $149 to preorder the module smartphone for kids. The bundle with all three modules will be shipped in August 2019.

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