iJacket Metallic iPhone 4 Case

If you like metallic finished iPhone 4 case but dislike the overweight body, the iJacket metallic iPhone 4 case should be suitable for you.

iJacket Metallic iPhone 4 Case

As we can see from the images, the iPhone 4 case features a bright brushed metallic appearance, and looks really like an aluminum case. But in fact, the case is made of durable polycarbonate material. So the iPhone 4 case can keep the iPhone 4 from scratches and some bumps, and the polycarbonate that is much lighter than metal makes the case more conveniently to carry.

iJacket Metallic iPhone 4 Case iJacket Metallic iPhone 4 Case

iJacket iPhone 4 case comes in several colors: silver, red, and blue. Each one is priced at $14.9 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Strapya World for more details.

iJacket Metallic iPhone 4 Case

By the way, if you prefer authentic metal iPhone 4 case, you might like to check the Vapor iPhone 4 case and KarasKustoms machined metal iPhone 4 case.

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