KarasKustoms Machined Metal iPhone 4 Case

We’ve introduced several metal iPhone 4 cases, but this machined iPhone 4 case by KarasKustoms is the simplest one we’ve ever seen.

KarasKustoms Machined Metal iPhone 4 Case

Strictly speaking, we can call it iPhone 4 frame. Just as we see, the machined iPhone 4 case consists of two metal frames featuring anodized finish, which are put together with four screws. although the metal iPhone 4 case looks a bit simple, yet the metallic frame can prevent the iPhone 4 from some bumps. But for that uncovered back, you’d better apply an invisible shield on it.

KarasKustoms Machined Metal iPhone 4 Case

KarasKustoms Machined iPhone 4 case comes in 6 colors: black, red, blue, silver, violet, and green. Each piece is priced at $39 USD. If you’re interested, jump to KarasKustoms for more details.

Additionally, don’t ever miss other metal iPhone 4 cases such as ElementCASE’s Vapor, EXOvault metal iPhone 4 cases and more “metal iPhone 4 case” tag.

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