Doctor Who and Companions LEGO Set

It’s a great project for the fans of Doctor Who and LEGO bricks. If you like the blend of the two themes, let’s go on checking the Doctor Who and Companions LEGO set.

Doctor Who and Companions LEGO Set

AndrewClark2, a LEGO fan and senior artist at Firaxis Games created the awesome LEGO set based on Doctor Who, the well-received British sci-fi television series. In the LEGO set, the creator shows us multiple familiar characters in the firm of LEGO minifigure, including Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, Clara Oswald, Weeping Angel, Cyberman, and Dalek, while the LEGO TARDIS and console feature exquisite detail and multiple interactive parts in order that you can set out a story among the characters around the space & time machine.

Doctor Who and Companions LEGO Set

The Doctor Who and Companions LEGO set is earning influence at LEGO Cuuso. If you want it to become reality, jump to LEGO Cuuso for more details. BTW, another Doctor Who LEGO set with more minifigures has successfully got in review stage at LEGO Cuuso. Anyway, we will see a Doctor Who LEGO set soon.

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