DJ Sures’ Wall-E Robot

We have featured a remote-control Wall-E computer case, but apparently DJ Sures’ Wall-E robot is much clever than that case mod. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot

DJ Sures, a Canadian robotics enthusiast use a U-Command Wall-E toy to create a real Wall-E robot that features modified servos and standard servos for tracks and the motions of arms and neck. The Wall-E robot is powered by an EZ-B Robot controller with EZ-Builder Robot Control software, plus the built-in camera in his eye, the smart Wall-E can track motion, color, or human faces, receive voice commands, or autonomously moves and explores. Apart from that, the Wall-E comes with a wireless joystick so that DJ Sures can help him out of trouble. After the break, check out he demo video of DJ Sures’ Wall-E robot.

Additionally, if you need more Wall-E themed gadgets, you might like to check the remote-control Wall-E PC case.

DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot
DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot DJ Sures' Wall-E Robot

DJ Sures’ Wall-E Robot Source

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