Build the Reclaimed Wood Micro Teardrop Camping Trailer by Yourself

It’s time to plan a great camping trip for your upcoming summer vacation, but at first you can build the reclaimed wood micro teardrop camping trailer by yourself.

Build Your Own Wood Teardrop Camper Trailer

Doc Wyoming, an instructables maker created the lightweight and portable teardrop camper trailer that measures 5 x 8 feet. The camping trailer is set on a 4×8 foot trailer, and the maker used 2x3s and 2x2s/ other lighter wood for the foundation, and it’s been reinforced by reclaimed wood boards, whilst polyurethane finish protects the wooden exterior and display the natural wood grain. Moreover, the teardrop trailer features a 4×8 foot skylight, so you lie in the trailer, viewing the stars in the dark sky, and wooden doors and plexiglass windows are designed for easy access, good daylight and natural ventilation. In addition, the finished camper trailer has no a large section for cooking gear in the back, but you can follow his specific plans that use the Grumman 2 teardrop shapes, which allows you to add an extra area to store solar batteries, ice and cooking gear. Want to build it by yourself, head to instructables for all making steps. BTW, also don’t miss another homemade teardrop camping trailer and more related cool stuff by following tags.

Build Your Own Wood Teardrop Camper Trailer Build Your Own Wood Teardrop Camper Trailer Build Your Own Wood Teardrop Camper Trailer

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