Author: Daniel

The Simpsons USB Flash Drive

Which cartoon character in the Simpsons is your favorite? No matter you like Homer, Marge or Bart, the Simpsons USB flash drive would be able to catch your eyes.


Flicker Classic iPhone 4 Case

We have featured a few practical iPhone 4/4S cases that can be used to keep your credit cards. But if you still want more functions, the following Flicker Classic …

Poodle Shaped USB Hub

We have introduced all kinds of fun USB hubs for your USB gadgets. But if you prefer those cute dogs, the poodle shaped USB hub may draw your more …

Pixelated Movie Posters

Star Wars, Matrix, Harry Potter, all of the famous movies have gotten new posters. If you like pixel art, undoubtedly these pixelated movie posters will meet your taste.

Zombie Shaped Bottle Opener

Don’t think that all zombies like meat. The mini-size zombie prefer your beverage. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the following zombie shaped bottle opener.

Griffin Survivor iPad 3 Case

It’s a large-scale relocation movement. Many welcome protective cases are moving from iPad 2 to the new iPad 3. Now Griffin’s Survivor iPad 3 case has also been available.