Author: Daniel

Bitten Apple iPhone 4 Case

What kind of protective case can show your love to Apple? Apparently the following Bitten Apple is a nice idea. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the apple-style …


MacPad Pro Concept Notebook

Multitouch screen has been widely used on tablets and smartphones, while the talented designer has applied the technology onto his concept notebook: MacPad Pro. If you’re curious, let’s go …

Crosley Ideco Dock Speaker

Need an elegant speaker system to enjoy your favorite music from your iPhone or iPod touch at home? Take a look at Crosley Ideco, maybe the dock speaker can …

Mass Effect 3 Demo Available

You still consider whether to pre-order the highly expected video game Mass Effect 3? It seems Bioware has known your hesitation so they released Mass Effect 3 demo.