Alpha 2 is a Smart Humanoid Robot for Your Family

The smart humanoid robot is able to tech you yoga, dance with you, remind you of various events, control your smart appliances and more. Cool? Let’s go on for Alpha 2 humanoid robot.

Alpha 2 Smart Humanoid Robot for Your Family

The Alpha 2 is the world’s first smart humanoid robot for the family that measures 17 x 5 inches and weights 5 lbs. As we can see from the images, the smart robot shows off a pretty cute humanoid design along with eye-catching colors and LED lights and it’s made from aluminum alloy, PC and ABS for a durable construction.

Alpha 2 Smart Humanoid Robot for Your Family

As a humanoid robot, Alpha 2 features 20 joints in order to replicate various human movements, the robot even can teach you some basic yoga poses. Using built-in WiFi connectivity, Alpha 2 can join in your local network, and it comes equipped with speed recognition and 3W stereo speaker so that the smart robot can easily talk with you or become a faithful companion, clever tutor or even a nice interpreter.

Alpha 2 Smart Humanoid Robot for Your Family

Moreover, the smart robot can also access to your calendar and remind you of those important tasks, dates, events. When medications need to be taken, Alpha 2 will also remind you just like an in-home nurse. As an office assistant, the robot helps you make calls, check voice mails, read and send texts and emails, and even control those WiFi-enabled office devices such as wireless printer.

Alpha 2 Smart Humanoid Robot for Your Family

Furthermore, the humanoid robot comes equipped with integrated camera. You can ask him to help you take selfies, group photos or videos with his face and voice recognition, and the Alpha 2 works as a monitoring camera to guard your house. In addition, the WiFi connectivity allows him to control your smart home appliances such as smart light, lock and more. And using a dedicated Alpha Store, you can easily load new features to your Alpha 2. Apart from that, some hardware specs include Samsung Exynos 5260 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Android 4.4 OS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 2150mAh rechargeable battery.

Alpha 2 has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $499 to own the smart humanoid robot. It will be shipped in February next year.

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