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We have featured a few pretty awesome steampunk keyboards, but if you want to make your own steampunk keyboard, the following one should bring your some inspiration.

Make Your Own Steampunk Keyboard

No doubt, it’s a nice gift for the men who love steampunk or vintage gadgets. If you also think so, let’s go on checking the handmade steampunk USB flash drive with lighter.

The Handmade Steampunk USB Flash Drive with Lighter

Want a pretty cool way to store your digital content? If you like steampunk art, the following handmade Model 105 USB flash drive may be able to catch your eyes.

The Handmade Model 105 Steampunk USB Flash Drive

The Nintendo Gameboy looks coming from Victoria era, and those fantastic gears and textures won’t prevent you from playing those retro games. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the awesome steampunk Gameboy.

The Awesome Steampunk Gameboy

We have introduced many nice drink coasters, but if you’re a big fan of steampunk, the following steampunk gear drink coaster set may be able to draw your more attention.

The Steampunk Gear Drink Coaster Set

You’re looking for a suitable pendant for your necklace? If you like those amazing steampunk creations, the handmade steampunk USB drive pendant may be able to catch your eyes.

The Handmade Steampunk USB Drive Pendant

You can simply use a USB flash drive to store your data, but if you like various cufflinks or steampunk styled creations, the following handmade mechanical memory USB drive cufflinks may be able to draw your more attention.

Handmade Mechanical Memory USB Drive Cufflinks

Thanksgiving is around he corner. Want to prepare an awesome gift for your geek friend? Take a look at the 8GB steampunk USB flash drive, maybe the USB gadget is a nice idea.

The 8GB Steampunk USB Flash Drive