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The knight is pledging allegiance to you and presenting his “sword” both hands. If you like the scene, let’s go on checking the Executive Knight pen holder.

The Executive Knight Pen Holder

Need a versatile docking station to keep your iPhone 6 and other accessories neatly on the desk? Take a look at the handmade charging station with USB port, it may be suitable for you.

The Handmade iPhone 6 Docking Station with Pen Holder and USB Port

Don’t worry, the cylinder can’t load any bullet, but you use it to dock your writing tools. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking the gun cylinder pen holder.

Pretty Cool Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Need an elegant and practical desk organizer to keep your accessories together on your desk? Take a look at W+W Stationary + Tech desk organizer, it may be a nice solution.

W+W Stationary + Tech Desk Organizer

Want a retro and stylish way to hold your iPad mini and some essentials? Take a look at Ostfold retro iPad mini case, it may be able to catch your eyes.

Ostfold Retro iPad Mini Case

We have introduced LEGO bricks inspired iPhone 5 case. If you also need a matching kickstand, the following LEGO blocks and bricks phone stand may be able to catch your eyes.

LEGO Blocks and Bricks Phone Stand

This is an officially licensed LEGO brick themed phone stand that measures 8.0 x 10.5 x 6.3cm. As we can see from the images, the creative phone stand features foldable design for portability, and supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes for handsfree entertaining, while the tilting groove keeps your smartphone in place. Moreover, using the special joints the phone stand also allows you to freely modify it for different smartphones, you even can build a pen hold for your pens.

LEGO Blocks and Bricks Phone Stand

The LEGO blocks and bricks phone stand is available in 5 colors, each one is priced at $12.8 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Strapya World online store for more details. Additionally, If you need other options you might like to check the delicious food phone stand and more via “phone stand” tag.

You have been tired of frequently charging your wireless keyboard for iPad? Take a look at the solar powered iPad keyboard case, it may be more suitable for you.

The Solar Powered iPad Keyboard Case

Need a stand to hold your iPhone for handsfree video chat and entertaining? Take a look at the handmade bamboo iPhone stand, it may be able to meet your requirements.

The Handmade Bamboo iPhone Stand with Card Holder